Interviewing Caregivers


If you are interested in becoming a Care Giver, Nanny or other Service Individual, you will need to make sure you interview well. Here are my tips:

Interviews- How To Interview Well

There are plenty of times in your life when being able to interview well will come in handy. One of the biggest barrier to interviewing well is understanding how to interview well. There is not a lot of step by step information that can help you to become a great interviewee.

There are certain steps that you can take before interview day to be ready.

Step 1

Do your homework. No matter what type of interview you are going for it will be expected that you ask some questions about the place you are interviewing for. Asking questions engages the interviewer and helps you to become a more memorable candidate. Asking pointed questions will help you to stand out in the interviewers mind so do your research before your interview date and make a list of 5 or fewer questions.

Step 2

Practice! There is plenty of information online that is relative to a full range of interview questions. Practice your answers. Practice in front of the mirror or video record yourself and review. You can easily become conscious of any shifting or fidgeting and make the necessary corrections.

Step 3

This is the time to get serious. If you are being called in for an interview it is very likely that the people that are interviewing you know pretty much all there is to know about you as far as professional information. It can be tempting to show your sense of humor during an interview and spill out too much information.

This is not the time. Be friendly without being too personal. Answer all questions honestly. In many cases if there is a question being asked the panel likely already knows the answers so you just want to be as honest as possible.

Step 4

Dress conservatively. You can never remake a first impression. Even if you believe that this is a laid back organization you should dress conservatively. It will be appreciated because it shows respect for the interview panel.

Step 5

The day of the interview put your best face forward from the time you leave the house. You never know who you may meet along the way so you want to be pleasant to everyone along the way.

Step 6

Arrive 15 minutes early for your interview. Showing up early shows that you are eager and ready to get started! You can easily ace your interview with a little prep work and some effort!  Look locally for jobs that are available.

Another helpful tip if you are applying for a nanny position. You should have your CPR training. This will let your interviewer know you are serious, and it prepares your for real life emergencies. The example shown is a company that trains nurses and other healthcare professionals to be prepared in case of a life threatening emergency.

Want to learn more? You can check out career builder’s tips but make sure you come back and visit us soon.

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