The Hook in Hook: What Peter Pan Could Teach Us About Life’s Problems


Peter Pan: Can we really have a magical life?

Have you ever seen the movie Hook? I love Hook because it talks about something that’s pretty dear to my heart.

For years I traveled all over the world doing business in foreign countries in foreign cities with foreign people and what I learned was that I was the Foreigner.

The reason I bring this up is Hook… The movie… has a protagonist name Peter Pan. Peter Pan is played by Robin Williams and he did a fantastic job playing the part of a businessman who was truly living the life of a boring adult. The movie follows Peter Pan as he rediscovers Neverland and his true identity.

He left Neverland because he was enraptured by a young woman and decided to give up being Peter Pan so he could pursue her.
Truth be told I kind of did the same thing when I met my first wife. I threw caution to the wind and followed her like a puppy following his master. Yeah, I’m not proud of it but I fell in love with her hook line and sinker. Who knew that someone you love has the potential to hurt so much.

Before you think I’m a saint or a villain, let me set the record straight. I am neither. I hurt her just as much as she hurt me. But, nevertheless, I remember being totally in love and willing to give up anything to pursue it.

That’s one of the things that I love about the story of Peter Pan in the movie Hook. It is this reckless abandon that plagues all of us as our emotions take us on a course that we will never forget. So back to the story. Peter Pan is a businessman making big deals happen. He goes back to the United Kingdom to visit Wendy who is now a grandma.

She tries to tell him that the story of Peter Pan is true, but being a grown-up, he didn’t believe her.

That was until Hook came to steal his children and have a final face-off with the mighty Peter Pan.

The next segment of the movie centers itself around Peter learning that he really is Peter Pan. He gets to learn that he always was Peter Pan and could be Peter Pan again. The reason he had lost his Peter Pan-hood, was because he was simply not in a position to believe anymore.

Oh, so many times I have yearned for the blissfulness of my youth. Do you remember when everything was magical? The point of the movie is that it can all be magical again. It is just that you have to learn how to allow the magic to seep into your heart again.

I read a book called When Bad Things Happen to Good People. And the author was a Jewish man who discusses how his son suffered from a rare illness and he wondered what he might have done to deserve this fate.

He discusses the perspective that he has, which was that he wanted to have a life full of wonderment. He, being the man who wrote the book, said if there’s one thing he knows for sure it is that he has always had a life of wonderment. You can find the book Here.

He stated that he may not have had a lot of money or fame. However, he was sure that he was fascinated by life itself. Thus a good God did Grant him wonderment.

So with that discussion in place, I’d like to encourage everybody that might’ve taken the time to actually read this that we can live a different life. We can enjoy our time, live a life of wonderment, and be truly fascinated by the world. Once again our hearts can be dazzled by the magic of this lifetime.

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